Our Own Worst Enemy

I was inspired by Lily to write this post. It’s amazing how our children are a reflection of us. Not just “our” children… but children in general. What I mean is, as adults we think we’ve outgrown childhood. That we’re better and more evolved. But it’s not always true. We can learn so much from children, if we look at them as a mirror into our own mind and soul.

Lily was playing outside in the yard yesterday and I sat on the porch watching her. I know… I should have been writing but for now, my blog is for fun not to get rich. She was gathering sticks and leaning them against a tree to make a shelter for her dolls. It started out okay, but as she added more sticks, or twigs really, a few of the others would fall. She’d put them back into place, add another… and then another would fall. This went on for at least 20 minutes and she finally has her shelter built.

It’s amazing to me that she can focus on one thing for five minutes, never mind twenty. But she didn’t give up. She didn’t even get frustrated. Lily just kept trying different ways to lean those twigs up until she succeeded. I asked her later if she wondered if it wasn’t going to work and she looked at me as though she had no idea what I was talking about… because she didn’t. She’s seen on TV and in books many lean-to shelters so it not working was never even a consideration. It was simply a puzzle, a new thing she had to figure out.

Now, when did we as adults lose that? What I mean is that, the shelter was not about her, it was about the shelter so it didn’t even occur to her that it would not work. How many times in life do we do things that we know other people have successfully done and thought, maybe it won’t work? I’m not talking about dunking a basketball here. I’m talking about every day successes that other people have achieved. Nothing extraordinary.

As we get older something changes and that thing we’re doing becomes about us. Why can’t I do it? Why won’t it work for me? But that’s bullshit. Creating a successful blog for example. I get online all of the time and find people who are succeeding online. Like Work From Home Happiness for example.  I envy others who can make this blog thing work, and I ask myself all the time if it can work for me. There are millions of people making money with their blog online, so I know it can work. In an objective sense, it has nothing do with me. If I learn what to do, and do it, it will work. It’s not about “can it work for me”. It’s about “can I work for it”.

But that’s not what we do as adults. We project the doubts we of ourselves onto the objects of our ambition, and then doubt the object. Lily didn’t doubt the shelter. That was a given. And, being a child she hasn’t developed personal limitations either. She just does, and there is no question.

Among the other walls we put in front of ourselves, the distractions, indecisions, and excuses; this is just another one of those things that we do that make us our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving the things we want.


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