I’m Learning About Affiliate Marketing

I haven’t posted recently, in part because I’ve been busy with home stuff… but also, I’ve been researching and learning more about this online thing. At first I thought it would just be an online journal, a place to share my thoughts. Then I learned people were actually making money with their blogs, and with other methods online. But knowing a little, is different from actually doing it. I’ve always said I’ll share what I learn here along the way… and that’s what I wanted to do today.

I feel like I’ve been searching and searching, how to make money with my website… and there is so much information it’s really overwhelming. I found a lot of products that had nothing to do with blogging. I found some blogging products that didn’t really talk about making money… and then finally, as I fell down the rabbit hole I found this Wealthy Affiliate review from a husband and wife blog called Gig Hustlers. The reason it stood out to me is because Jay also had a blog, like me, and didn’t know how to make money with it either. So… I’m learning all about affiliate marketing.

I knew that some bloggers had partnerships with some companies, sponsorships and advertising, but I didn’t really understand how big this was online. Affiliate marketing is everywhere. On Youtube, Facebook, podcasts, and yes, blogs. Every time I researched something online and read a review, I was learning about the product from an affiliate marketer who is earning commissions by linking to places I could buy it. I thought maybe they were getting paid as an advertiser, but it doesn’t really work like that. They only get paid if you click their affiliate link and buy the product.

So, my question (to myself) is what kind of products would I want to feature on my blog. The purpose of this was never to talk about products, so I don’t think I will be doing reviews or anything like that. I don’t think so anyway. I also don’t want flashing signs and things popping up on my website. So for now I’ll learn more about it and through Wealthy Affiliate I’ve met some people who are helping me out. I’m not in a hurry to make money online either because that wasn’t the purpose of my blog.

I’m also not sure if I need all these products to start an affiliate marketing business, so I must be careful what I buy. Especially until I learn more about it, because I’m not sure if I really need them or not. One is a keyword tool which tells you how many people are searching something and if it’s popular. And it also tells you if there are a lot of other websites that answer the question people are searching for. If there are too many other websites it means it will be too hard to write a blog post and get noticed in the search engines. If no one is visiting your website you can’t expect to make money, so it makes sense to have that tool, but I’m going to do some more research to find out if there is another way to get that information. I mean, I can just search for things myself and see how many people are writing about it. It’s probably not that easy, but I want to find out more first.

The good thing is that I already have my website, which is one thing I won’t have to learn. This is giving me too many ideas though and now I’m not sure what direction I want to go with my website. Either way, I feel like having it is half my battle and once I figure that out I’ll be in a good position to start. I’m excited. For now though it’ll remain as my personal journal, my compilation of letters, words, ideas and thoughts. Of stuff that might only matter to me.

I’ll be sure to talk more about affiliate marketing in future blog posts so you can learn too.

~ Les


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