Loving Life – An Online World of Making Money

I’ve been doing some research on how to make money with my blog. It’s a new site, and I’m not expecting much… but over the next year (or two or three and hopefully not longer), I hope I’ll be able to earn an income from home. For now, it’s simply a journal and I’ll share what I learn along the way. There is no shortage of websites that will teach you about making money online. Figuring out which ones are real and which ones are just telling you what you want to hear is the hard part. If you search hard enough though, you’ll find what you’re looking for. What I’ve learned so far is that starting a blog is not the only way to make money, so I’ll share some of what I’ve learned since I began looking into the fascinating topic.

To some, money is everything. Without it, their life would be impossible. You need money, there’s just no getting out of it (as much as I’d like to). Most of us go to a long, tedious and annoying job with people who do nothing but bring us down. But, that’s life right? Here’s the thing! Income depends upon work, and how we work. With some luck our efforts may surprise us with some extras for our improved performances… but are we happy? I believe in beauty, in love, and being in the moment. But I’m not immune to luxuries and comforts in life that money buys. Or the necessities. Can you imagine a day without spending even a penny? I can, but not many. Most days this is impossible, we are used to it, it’s a habit, and admit it or not… shudder to even think about it. That is the importance and value of money. But do all of us value it the same way? No there are a few who spend money like water because they have it in excess while there is another group which who will barely spend for necessities.

With the invention of computers and the internet, this money making process has become even simpler. Yes, there are a lot of people who are able to make some money by sitting at their home couches, money making online. There is a palette of options available online and choosing the right one at the right time is so important. The best part is you will enjoy this from home (sweet home) escaping the maddening rush for making money in the outside world.

I don’t need to go on about how important money is for our everyday, peaceful life. Enjoy the beauty and the moment, and let’s look at some of the easy options of making money online.


  • There are many websites online that promise to pay the registered customers with some amount for taking up a survey, for testing a product or for just rating a particular product. This is one of the most common ways of making money online. If you think they’ll make you a millionaire… sorry to say, but no. It’s not a great job to be paid in a lump sum but you can always expect a trickle of extra pay for the work done by you. Be aware of the scams though… and there are many good sites where you can read reviews before you join.
  • Data entry jobs, another very common and most popular jobs online. Many people, who want to be at home and still work, opt to go for this for there is some job keeping you tight and glued to your chairs and also filling your pockets with money. This might not be the choice of many because there are no challenges in this job and it is a monotonous job.
  • Freelance writing – this is another very interesting topic that attracts many into this field. Here, you get to know so many things that were unknown to us so far when you start researching the websites for collating information. This way you not only get to learn things but also learn to write about those in your own styles. Generally, the topics that are given are either specific or general and the ones who fall under the general category get to learn things about so many different things and it is an awesome experience working in this field. Writers also get paid well for their work.


With the above, you might feel that making money online is very simple and hence you can be as lavish as possible. Of course, you can be and can buy anything and everything you want whether there is a necessity or not.

But one thing that you cannot buy is happiness and satisfaction. There is also a solution or way out for experiencing this feel with money and it is nothing but sharing. Yes, when you share the excess with others and look at them living happily, you get to enjoy the feeling of happiness and joy.